BIOL 321: Entomology (Fall, all years)

3 Credits - 2 Hours Lecture, 2 Hours Lab

Structure, life histories, classification, ecology, economic importance, and control of insects. Special emphasis on insect ecology and insect effects on human society.

BIOL 427G: Experimental Design and Analysis

4 Credits - 3 Hours Lecture, 2 Hours Lab

Fundamentals of designing and implementing field experiments from the initial planning stage to data analysis, interpretation, and publication.

BIOL 575: Statistical Ecology (Spring, odd years)

4 Credits - 4 Hours Lecture

Design, analysis, and presentation of results of ecological experiments and field studies, with emphasis on hypothesis testing and statistical modeling. Includes frequent R labs as well as paper discussions to understand how statistics are used in the modern ecological literature.

BIOL 595: Community Ecology (Spring, even years)

3 Credits - 3 Hours Discussion

Discussion of current research and debates in all areas of community ecology. Includes grant-writing practice.

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